December 6, 2023

The HOFA Gallery in London is set to showcase the incredible works of award-winning Chinese sculptor Zheng Lu in his first-ever UK exhibition, ‘Liquid Narratives’. 

Zheng Lu is a globally renowned artist, known for his awe-inspiring stainless-steel sculptural compositions that portray the elegance and grace of water in motion. His works have been displayed in prominent galleries and museums worldwide, including the Long Museum in Shanghai and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taiwan.

The anticipated exhibition will feature some of Lu’s new works from the ‘Water in Dripping’ and ‘Aurora Edge’ series.

Through his sculptures, Lu captures the stillness of the transient moments of water in motion, creating extraordinarily hanging or standing sculptures with precise detail. 

Public installation created by Zheng LuCredit: HOFA Gallery

A public installation created by Zheng LuCredit: HOFA Gallery

He also includes Chinese poetry and calligraphy into his work, welding them into the forms he sculpts.

According to the artist, the idea behind the ‘Water in Dripping’ series originates from the fundamental concept of “stillness”. 

Zheng Lu said: “The act of walking implies moving towards a destination: while the character 止zhi evokes a sense of movement, it also encompasses the notion of stillness, as we stop walking, once we reach our destination.”

Movement, nature, and manipulated steel are the commanding components within Zheng Lu’s discipline, with his works equally adaptable to outdoor and indoor spaces, as seen with his large-scale site-specific works. 

To create his sculptures, Lu uses a plaster base and laser-cuts characters into metal, connecting them with heat to create fluid and animated stainless-steel works. 

Water in Dripping-Rainbow by Zheng LuHOFA Gallery

His artistic language translates into complex concepts, including reflective mediums, intricate script, and the notion of water. These collaborating elements are heightened through a coherent framework that explores existential conditions and relationships between human and environment.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the art world towards a greater appreciation of Asian Art, with collectors and institutions increasingly recognising the immense artistic value and cultural significance of art from Asia. 

This growing interest is not limited to the traditional art centres of Asia such as China, Japan, and India, but also extends to Southeast Asia, Korea, and other regions.

The ‘Liquid Narratives’ exhibition will be held at HOFA Gallery in London, from 17 March to 29 March 2023.

Video editor • Theo Farrant


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