November 30, 2023

Mary McCartney is gearing up to hold a photography exhibition which captures moments from her life over the last 30 years, including snaps of her designer sister Stella and international supermodel Kate Moss.

The show entitled ‘Can We Have A Moment? Three Decades Of Photographs In Britain’ will be the first major exhibition of McCartney’s work in the UK.

The 53 year old, who’s the daughter of iconic Beatles star Sir Paul McCartney and late photographer Linda McCartney, will show her work at London’s Sotheby’s gallery from 9 March to 2 April.

There will be 30 pieces on display, including portraits, photographs of nature and images never exhibited before.

Alongside pictures of Mary’s sister Stella and friend Kate Moss, there’s also a portrait of artist Tracey Emin sitting in bed, dressed up and channelling the late Frida Kahlo.

‘Being Frida’ (2000)Sotheby’s

‘Unzipping’ (2007)Sotherby’s

‘Blush’ (2001)Sotherby’s

‘Hello’ (2016)Sotherby’s

Ahead of the event, McCartney said: “This exhibition is a reflection of my personality and the feelings I like to embrace, but is also very much about the viewer’s experience and the emotions that I hope they will experience while exploring the show. These photographs all have meaning to me, and I hope that by exhibiting them, they can have meaning for someone else too”.

The exhibition is part of Sotheby’s (Women) Artists’ campaign – which is running from 22 February through to the end of March, which marks International Women’s Month.

8 March is International Women’s Day and, to commemorate the occasion, Sotheby’s will be staging a series of events, panel discussions and sales, culminating in a takeover of its London galleries. McCartney’s ‘Can We Have A Moment?’ will be part of a public exhibition dedicated to the work of female artists at the gallery.

The artist will also take part in a panel talk entitled Women In Art: From Image To Image-Maker, alongside writer Bettina Korek, artist Sonia Boyce and author Lisa Armstrong.


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