November 30, 2023


  • The 2024 Chevy Blazer EV 2LT and RS with dual electric motors (i.e. all-wheel drive) will have 288 horsepower and 333 pound-feet of torque.
  • Chevy already dropped the 1LT trim from the 2024 Blazer EV lineup, as first reported by Green Car Reports, and raised the price of the new entry-level 2LT.
  • All-wheel-drive versions of the 2LT and RS now start at $56,715 and $61,790, respectively; pricing for the front-drive 2LT hasn’t yet been announced.

UPDATE 10/19/23: A Chevy spokesperson has confirmed to Car and Driver that all-wheel-drive versions of the 2024 Blazer EV 2LT and RS will have 288 horsepower and 333 pound-feet of torque. This is the first time the automaker has confirmed power outputs for these versions of its upcoming electric SUV. Previously, it revealed that the performance-oriented Blazer EV SS will have a 557-hp all-wheel-drive powertrain. We’re still waiting on power ratings for the front-drive 2LT and the rear-drive RS. If the Chevy Equinox EV is any indication, the FWD Blazer EV will generate around 210 horses and 242 pound-feet.

As if some Titan-born Marvel villain snapped his infinity-stone-laden fingers, the base option for the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV has vanished into thin air. The previously announced 1LT trim level, which was to start at $44,995, is gone, leaving the front-wheel-drive 2LT trim (pictured at top) in its place at an as yet unnamed price.

Although pricing for the 2LT FWD isn’t available yet, Chevy confirmed to Car and Driver that the all-wheel-drive version now carries an MSRP of $56,715. Chevy also confirmed that production rollout hasn’t changed for the mid-tier all-wheel-drive RS, which will be the first Blazer EV to hit the streets when it launches this summer. That car will start at $60,215 and adds features including ventilated front seats, rain-sensing wipers, and a unique grille over the 2LT.


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